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Dual Lens Marking Machine

  • Talior made machine for ABB, Banglore
  • Dual Lens working simultaneously for marking on MCCB's
  • PLC controlled fully automated marking system.
  • Workable to accomodate all variety of MCCB's on it.
  • Machine has been working for the last 5 years.

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Standalone Marking Machine with complete Safety Interlocks

  • Tailor made for the Sandvik , Hyderabad
  • Complete standalone Machine
  • Tailor Made machine to handle parts weighing upto 25 kg's
  • Push - Pull table made to place the object conviniently.
  • PLC controlled cycle mark capability.
  • A complete system with safety interlock's.
  • Suction system positioned to remove metal dust and fumes from the marking area of the machine.

** Drag the cursor over the image to change angles. **

Specialized Fiber Laser System for Intricate Designs on Metals and Precious Metals like Gold, Silver, Copper ,Brass, etc