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Specialised Metal Cutting Fiber Laser System

CPC - 500 is Fiber Laser system by Cosmo Laser. This machine is used for cutting of metal's, precious metals like gold, silver, bronze etc with fine precision. This system has a line width of 40 microns hence we are able to cut intricate designs on metals.
We have special equipment like fume extractor and dust collectors for handling precious metals to reduce wastage of materials. Cutting using this machine is very fast as compared to other traditional method's.
With accessories like rotary and specialised bead attachments, we are able to cut objects of different shapes and sizes like bangles, beads, ring and etc.


  • Fine and precise cutting of metals.
  • Precious metals like gold, silver, copper etc can also be cut.
  • Odd objects like Bangle, rings, beads etc can also be cut.
  • No post process required like buffing and cleaning.
  • Metal recovery is also optimized for minimal material wastage.

Cutting Samples

Specialized Fiber Laser System for Intricate Designs on Metals and Precious Metals like Gold, Silver, Copper ,Brass, etc