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Aditi Laser Integator

Aditi Laser Integrator company formed on 10/10/2010. Motive of the founder members behind incorporation of the company is to manufacture laser machines with innovative ways that can appeal customers for both the designs and usage capabilities.
Aditi Laser Integrator launched portamark - first portable laser marking machine weighing around 16 Kgs - true portability, in early 2011. And then continued working on different designs and concepts to support the market.
Company is having a team of laser experts with experience of more than 25 years in manufacturing of the machines. Team is dedicated to deliver out of the box concepts and performance.
Company is always welcoming the projects for tailor made machines for application like marking / cutting and engraving on metals and non metals. Team likes to work on the challenges and prove their mettle time and again.

Aditi Laser Tech

We provide laser cutting , engraving and marking service on all materials.
We currently use a wide range of machines including fiber laser , co2 laser and also end pump diode lasers . Our machines range from 30 Watts to 400 watts. This wide range of machines enable's us to mark on variety of materials with optimum results.
We also have CNC Router machine for MDF cutting and engraving.

Our Services

Laser Cutting

Laser Engraving

Laser Marking

Rotary Marking

Jewellery Marking

CNC Cutting

Our Machines

Portable Marking Machines

Fiber Laser Machines

Co2 Machines

Cutomized Machines

How Laser Work?

Laser is an intensified light beam that is produced by exciting various material using differnt techniques. Laser when focused on a mterial causes a reaction on the material. By varing the parameters on the laser we can achive various effects like marking , engraving and even cutting of materials. Laser can be used on almost all types of materials including : -

  • Metals (Stainless Steel , Copper , Brass and etc)

  • Non Metal (Wood , MDF , Plastics , acrylic and etc)

  • Percious Metals (Gold , Silver , Platinum and etc)

Industrial Use

Specialized Fiber Laser System for Intricate Designs on Metals and Precious Metals like Gold, Silver, Copper ,Brass, etc